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Since becoming a household staple around the 1940s, the modern mattress has similarly been a commonplace item in tips and junkyards across the globe.

Namely because back in the day, mattress disposal options were slim. Technology was limited and awareness about the item’s environmental impact was minimal. Unable to be resold or donated, a mattress was simply destined for the dump.

But today in 2015, things are different. A global push towards curbing our negative impact on the planet gains momentum daily. Once little-known terms such as ‘sustainability’, ‘environmentally friendly’, and ‘carbon footprint’ are now everyday lingo.

We’ve run out of justifications for abandoning mattresses to landfill, so why are there still 1.25 million dumped annually in Australia alone, making them landfill’s biggest waste?

There’s a better way – that’s where Bed Collect comes in.

We collect mattresses from across Victoria otherwise destined for landfill. At our Melbourne factory, each mattress undergoes a rigorous process of sanitisation and transformative refurbishment.

From there, our Australian-made mattresses are:

·       Distributed to charities for a heavily discounted price and frequently donated

·       Sold in our online store for fraction of RRP

·       Dismantled completely with 95 per cent of components recycled into things such as carpet underlay or steel objects.

Our big-picture focus in seeking to drastically reduce landfill waste is matched by our commitment to community-minded business practices.


We’re proud to support local charities with regular donations and to provide significant reductions on the price of refurbished mattresses. We also take pride in our employment program, which seeks to grant opportunities to individuals who’ve encountered difficulties finding work.

Bed Collect thinks global, acts local, and sleeps green.We hope you'll join us!
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